Friday, December 09, 2011

Praying For My Sister

Jamie took this pic with her cell from her hospital bed on Thursday

My sister Jamie, is in the hospital again.  She went in Wednesday morning at the University of Washington hospital in Seattle for a procedure, expecting to be home again by Thursday afternoon.  But once again there were complications.  I don't feel free to share details without checking with her first and I haven't had any contact with her since the wee hours of Wednesday.  But here is the FB page for her blog where she has made public some of the back story and you can follow up when she is able to start posting again.

Prayers for her would be appreciated.

Meanwhile I'm missing her most during these hours as the late night hours are when we often chat online or play Words with Friends on FB.

Thinking of you sis.  And praying.

2 tell me a story:

Bonnie Jacobs 12/10/2011 7:05 AM  

I read Jamie's page, and I'm praying for both of you.

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