Saturday, December 17, 2011


It's always the ones I love that get cancelled before the story plays out.  Quirky, eccentric, surreal.  A 20-something named Jaye living at Niagra Falls, is given Delphic messages from inanimate animals--stuffed, drawn, plastic, wax, etc. and when she obeys events work out for the best for all involved.  Of course Jaye is always misunderstanding the meaning of the cryptic commands and trying to fulfill them inappropriately.  It is funny, charming and full of wonder.

I just discovered this show via Netflix DVD and have watched all but two of the 13 episodes this week.  I would have watched the last two as well but got sleepy as has been happening a lot this week because of the virus.  Then I slept until midnight and by the time Ed and I got dinner prepped and cleaned up he was ready for bed and I couldn't watch the last two episodes on the TV in the room.  I have the option of pulling the disc out of the player and taking it in the living room but that room is an icebox as the heat has been off since 9pm.  

I could also play it on my netbook.  But I think I will leave it where it is and wait for Ed to wake up (if I even last that long myself) for I have plenty of other options--things I could or should be doing that are already within reach of where I sit.  One of which is the full set of Bones Season 6 discs from the library.  I could also stream Netflix or watch some of the weeks of accumulated new pods.  I list video options first as they are things I can do while crocheting which is one of the 'shoulds'.  So next in line would be audio books of which I have several out of the library and several more onboard my netbook.

But I also have dozens of ebooks on board of which one is a review copy--another of the 'shoulds'.

I could also continue work on the file organizing and maintenance on my netbook.  I've been plugging away at it over the last several months.  Have finally got everything I wanted off the old laptop hard drive which can now be reformatted to serve as backup for my personal files, ebooks and music

I could also perform the same organization tasks on my fiction writing files.  Or better yet I  could write in them.  Haven't written anything put posts since NaNo ended so that is another strong 'should' as letting it slide too long makes getting started again harder.  Watching Wonder Falls this week though has made my fingers tingle for the keys.  My ideas aren't related but something about the show has inspired me.  It sets a certain tone that draws me and which I'd like to emulate.

Whoever the idiots were who decided to cancel it have no business in show business as they have no idea when they have a great thing.  I wonder what they were making room for when they pushed it out.  Probably more American Idolatry or Brainless Bachelors and Babes surviving without hair product on breezy beaches.

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