Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting Into the Spirit

ai haz a bwoo kissmass no want

Between my sister being in the hospital and this virus I'm fighting it is hard to tap into the Christmas spirit.  Two of the things helping me do that are the 25 days of Catmas at and the 25 days of free Christmas MP3 songs at

At they present the calendar image which you must click on to see the image of a cats or kittens in some holiday related context.  The image comes up in the builder all ready for you to caption it.

Try it, click on the calendar:

Funny Pictures - Cute Christmas Cats

see more Lolcats and funny pictures,

At there is a page where the links to the free songs are accumulating.  I just discovered this one today and was glad to find that the twelve songs presented since the 1st are all still free so I can still collect them all.  I stopped to prep this post which by the way too me hours because my browser conspired with whatever dark spirits have been haunting me and when to the dark side, deciding to spend five minutes loading pages then reloading them for no reason and finally crashing taking half of this post with it.

Ah well, I'm sure I'll find that uplift which prompted the theme of this post again as soon as I load a few of thhose songs and listen to them.   Click on the caption of the image below to go collect them yourself:

Amazon 25 Days of Free Xmas MP3
Even my blues were penetrated by a grin and a giggle by this GIF


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