Friday, December 23, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ed presenting the key to our new place after returning from cashing his check and paying the new landlord this morning

After 10 years and 9.5 months we will be moving into our own place next week. I can't begin to put into words what this means to us.

Later we walked down past two trailers to see our new place together for the first time.  Ed had seen it several times this past month but I was either not awake or not well enough to make the walk.

The shade tree behind the carport in our back yard.  I've forgotten what it is.

The shade tree's gift!  They're about 8 inches deep over half the back yard.  This will be one of Ed's chores that go towards our rent.  There is lots of work to do inside and out and that is what made the price right.

This is near where Ed wants to put in a small garden next spring

The front porch looking towards back fence

The front door.

The front room taken while still standing in doorway

Standing inside my office looking out at front door

Standing inside my office doorway looking across front room at kitchen

Ed fell in love with this tile work done by our landlord.  I don't blame him.  It is gorgeous.

The left side of the kitchen.  Taken while standing against back wall.

The left side of the kitchen

The hallway.  Kitchen to left.  Ed's office door just past thermostat on the left.  Pics of that room did not turn out.  Back door across from his door.  Bathroom next to his room and laundry room across from bathroom.  Master bedroom at end of hall.

Tiny tub!  But all ours and the room is well lit which is huge plus.

Laundry closet.  I may be a few months before we get machines tho

Master bedroom.  I'm standing with back to large closet that covers the length of the room.  That shade tree is directly across from the window.  The door to the hall to the left

Standing on the edge of the kitchen floor looking towards opposite wall of front room.  Front door and door to my office in view.  That monster on the floor is the air conditioner which will be moved out onto the porch or into the shed before we move in.  We will need it next spring!

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