Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Serenity #193

I took this picture of a Stellar Jay this afternoon at a rest area Ed and I stopped at on our way over the Sexton's this afternoon.

I think I'll let that stand for the trip home today for now. I'm exhausted as I elected to spend six hours hanging with the Longview library books after I'd finished packing last night and thus got less than three hours of sleep between 6 and 9. My choice. But now I'm paying for it.

We decided to leave the bulk of my stuff in the car until morning when I will then have to get up to help Ed unload it before he leaves for work and then spend the day putting order back in our little 12x10 foot room.

Well, if not order, at least room to sleep on the bed for at least one person at a time. :)

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