Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Beach Bewitched

We did go to the beach today. Actually two of them as Long Beach in
Washington was socked in by fog and a brisk, cold breeze. I was the only one to get out of the car there to go stand at the edge of the surf and take pictures. The pic heading this post was taken at Sunset Beach on the Oregon side, near Warrington and Astoria.

My sister drove Mom, me, Jamie and our niece. Got back to Longview around sundown 8:30ish.

It was glorious. I took 346 pictures, wearing out two sets of batteries. But over 50% of them are 90% to 100% sky and sun glare. I can't see the LED screen on my digital camera when outdoors so I can't frame a picture before taking it. I just aim with my best guess and hope something I was aiming at gets in the shot so I can later crop to get the frame right.

I spent an hour cropping this photo of the gulls flying down the beach toward me. I can't do another one tonight without risking a face plant on the keyboard.

Nor do I expect to have much time to fuss with the photos before I get back home next week so what I'm planning is to feature them in my Sunday Serenity posts over the next several weeks.

I'm loving the seagulls picture right now. Can imagine it as a huge wall poster or painting. Maybe even the masthead on the template change I've been planning for months. I have my 3 column template selected and downloaded and only needed to find or create a 970 pixel wide photo for the masthead. Had been thinking something with a books and writing theme but this could work maybe. If only as a place holder until I can make the other one I've been envisioning. Beach scenes represent joy to me, even me, Joy. The gulls and other birds skimming the surf seemed joyful to me.

Well, I've gotta surrender to sleep now. Hoping for beach bewitched dreams.

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