Wednesday, August 11, 2010

For Snooze Button Addicts, the Cure Is...

A hungry cat.

This is going to be a rambling and I sincerely hope a short post. I'm anxious to get back to my bookmark dressing project.

We just got back from my brother's house in Portland where we had dinner after a couple hour visit with Jamie in rehab in Vancouver. Jamie is making great strides. She is getting up and walking around unassisted now. We heard her true voice again for the first time since the surgery July 20 as she can now use a valve in her trach that allows her to speak. But it takes a lot of effort to breath that way yet. We also saw her full personality in evidence for the first time. Her normal affect is back I guess is the medical term. In other words her facial expressions, body language and voice tones and speed are again what we always known.

Can you believe that I forgot to take the bookmark I made for her. (see pic in yesterday's post) I was packing my bag and almost put in in but decided to first find something to put it in to keep the ribbons from wrinkling or creasing. But something distracted me and I never thought of it again until we were ten miles out of town.

During the ride to and from and the visits with Jamie and my brother's family, I crocheted every second I could get away with. I made three of the original patter (the granny stitch) with three of the four new variegated threads. Last night after posting I made one with the 20 weight Egyption cotton using the cross stitch stitch from top to bottom but only three across from top to bottom and no inserts of solid colors. That makes four in twenty four hours.

I was going to get pics to post tonight but I drained my camera batteries last night when I forgot to unhook the USB from my computer and turn off the camera for over four hours. There are plenty of batteries in this household so I could have replaced them and taken the pics but I decided that the risk of distractions out in the front rooms was too great and I was already sitting here with Blogger open and I just wanted to get it done.

So what did I do? I went to to catch up on two days worth of funny kitty pics in hopes of finding something suitable to top this post. Not more than two or three posts down on the front page was the video I posted here. I watched it three times and then started watching the related vids. They are hilarious. I recommend besides this one, The Fly Man, Let Me In, and TV Dinner. Those are all the ones I have watched. There are several more which I expect will be as funny but I forced myself to stop and get posted.

So much for avoiding distractions!

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