Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Giveaway Scout

All dis blog reading to find giveaways for catnip, tuna & dog muzzlez is... *yaaawn* why doan dey index dese tings?

Someone's trying.

This looks like a good concept but I can't tell without trying it for awhile how well it is executed. But in order for my blog to participate (be scanned for giveaways and have them announced on their site, in their emails to subscribers, and on facebook and twitter) I must first post a few lines about their service. That seems like a fair exchange of value.

Of course anyone wanting to be informed of current giveaways across the blogosphere need do nothing but subscribe to their emails or even just visit the site and browse. There are a number of different categories. To name just a few: books, jewelry, electronics, music, movies, gift certificates and cards for many different merchants, products and services.

To check them out click the logo or the blurb beneath it at top of post under the LOLcat.

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