Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Serenity #192

I just got back to my Mom's from spending four days with Jamie at her cute little apartment in Vancouver. A four day slumber party. We gabbed and watched DVD, gabbed and listened to music--LOUD. Danced to the beat for a minute or two once, giggling like--well, like girls. We gabbed and ate (ymmy but healthy food that Jamie prepared). We gabbed and did a few minor chores. We gabbed and sang along with the songs on her mixed music CD.

And we gabbed.

It was so wonderful to have my friend back, to see her looking and acting more herself. So much better than four weeks ago in ICU. But even significantly better than anytime in the past six or seven years. And no wonder when you consider that she'd been running on 70% oxygen for years due to the scar tissue closing off her airway just below the voicebox.

We didn't say good-bye today as we're sure to see each other at least one more time before I leave for Phoenix OR next Sunday. There is a tentative plan for going to the beach with my sister and Mom, sister-in-law and nieces one day this week. And Jamie may ride with us to Rice Hill to meet my husband next Sunday.

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