Friday, August 06, 2010

Wen u finish dat already?

Wen u finish dat alredy?  Iz bored wacting u turn pagiz

I'm supposed to have reached page 300 of The Book Thief by bedtime tonight but have gotten only half way there as of bedtime last night which was 50 pages short of yesterday's quota. In spite of my best intentions I got sidetracked with a Spider card game yesterday which I'd been trying since Wednesday to win. Finally beat the sucker tho it took me 6116 moves as compared to the normal range of 800-900. Just about wore out the control-z keys.

So a lot of good it did to deny myself crocheting with my new thread. Well now Spider, in fact all computer games go on the 'not until you finish the book' list. And I'm thinking I may have to put LOLcats on the list.

Part of the problem is the chaos and interruptions and fear of interruptions here at Mom's. That's how I ended up playing the game all night last night, having meant to play only until the house was quiet. But I'm hoping to put in five hours reading after everyone's in bed. That should allow me to reach page 300 and maybe a bit further. I'm hoping whatever obsessiveness that kept me at that silly game for six hours last night will focus itself on the story which I am loving so it shouldn't be hard to stick with it. I just need peace and quiet.

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