Sunday, August 01, 2010

Sunday Serenity #189

Above is a picture taken in the late eighties of me (middle), Jamie (right) and my cousin's daughter (left) not long after Jamie became part of our family. In that pic I am within a couple years of the same age Jamie is now. She was between fourteen and sixteen there and I was in my early thirties.

My posts for over a week have been about Jamie's post-surgery stay in ICU--12 days now. I said last night that I was going to stop posting daily on that crisis as it could continue for weeks and I need to take breaks from it when I can. To clear my mind, refresh my spirit etc.

Today's post isn't an update though. For this Sunday Serenity I'm featuring thirteen photos taken by Jamie. She has had no formal training. Neither have I so I can't speak with authority but I know when something pleases my eye. I see in her photos a natural eye for composition and an ability to startle the viewer and cause them to pause and look. Really look. And to see things they didn't know were there in their surroundings all along. Gazing upon them feels like gazing upon music or poetry.

I copped the shots from various posts on Jamie's blog.

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