Monday, August 02, 2010

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? #12

So, I did not keep to the plan I stated in last week's post. I'm not quite finished with Wally Lamb's The Hour I First Believed. Nor did I drop it regardless of where I was to start The Book Thief yet.

BTW I've been calling Lamb's book 1100+ pages but there are qualifiers. It is a large print edition and the pages after 1092 are not part of the story but an Afterward, Acknowledgments and a source list. I hadn't even realized about the end sections until the middle of last week.

At any rate, I lugged the book with me back and forth to the Vancouver hospital all week but didn't get to read much until Saturday when we began to spend long stretches of time in the waiting room between brief visits to to Jamie's ICU room.

It was beginning to feel like we lived in that room.

But we've all, Mom, Carri and I, have had a break this week as Jamie's biological sister flew in from Alabama Saturday night and has been making the visits with Jamie both Sunday and today but she has to leave Wednesday afternoon. Here's hoping Jamie is out of ICU by then. One good sign is that the nurses, this morning told my sister Carri that they were hoping to have Jamie sit in a chair for a bit this afternoon but I don't know yet if that happened. Carri went with Jamie's sister this evening and will fill us in when she gets home.

Anyway between the time in the waiting room and the 40+ minute car rides Saturday and the lengthy wee hours stints I pulled Sunday and Monday and a few more hours this afternoon, I am approaching the last 100 pages of The Hour I First Believed and expect to finish it before I sleep tonight (ie way into the wee hours of Tuesday).

Then I will start The Book Thief. I really will. And probably immediately or at least within the hour of finishing The Hour. As I need to get well and deeply involved in Book Thief before that box of new crochet thread arrives possibly tomorrow but definitely by Wednesday.

My sister is also picking up more of the books I ordered from both the Longview and Vancouver libraries this week. I have a goodly stack of them already. Many are titles I can only get when I am here yet I chose to spend time with two books available in my Jackson Country Library System. And now I've got only two to three weeks of my visit here left and there is still no telling how much reading time I'll get once the visits to Jamie's bedside start up again. She has several weeks in rehab ahead of her before she will be released.

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