Friday, August 27, 2010

How Cats Help Pack

Enjoy this video and watch the other related too. This cartoon is hilarious. My favorite is the one where the cat is chasing a fly as Simon sleeps. But I posted this one in recognition of the two cats in my life: Bradley, my nephew's cat who will be 'helping' me pack this weekend and Merlin, our cat, who will be 'helping' me unpack in Phoenix Sunday night. And Monday. And Tuesday. And....

So. I'm busy packing and other trip prep. I said good-bye to my Mom this afternoon when she left to spend the weekend at my brother's in Portland. She'll be at church with his family when my sister and I drive through Portland on the way south Sunday morning. We'll be stopping in Vancouver to pick up Jamie so I'll get to spend a couple more hours visiting with her and Carri will have a companion for the drive back from Rice Hill.

I'm feeling a bit in a panic at this moment. My stuff is scattered throughout six rooms of the upstairs of this house. Plus the laundry room downstairs. As always I have more going back than I brought with me. I'm worried about how to make that less obvious to Ed when we transfer to his Dad's car at Rice Hill and to his folks when we bring it in the house at Phoenix.

I have a bit of a reputation. The kind of reputation they make epic humor about.

So I guess one option is to go with it, to just admit I've got a reputation and I'm out to uphold it. Flaunt it sister!!

Stuff R Us. Bring on the boxes!

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