Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Epic Haircut

From the moment I left Phoenix July 11, I have intended to have my hair cut before going back down into the oven that is the Rogue Valley in late Summer. I was beginning to wonder if we would be able to cram it in this week though. But this afternoon my sister asked whether I'd like to get it done before or after tomorrow's beach trip. Since I'd just washed it before bed last night and the beach breezes were likely to braid it into Celtic knots I thought today worked best.

The front and back pics above and below were taken as I began to get ready to go. I'd just taken my hair down out of the big ponytail I'd twisted and pinned to the top of my head with a big black spider clip as soon as the towel had slipped off my head last night. Over twelve hours later my hair was still damp.


Above and below: ready to go with tangles brushed out.

I hate taking care of my hair when it gets long now. Both shampooing and bushing it wear me out. I can barely remember why I enjoyed having it down to my waist through most of my teens and twenties. I experimented with it short a few times between high-school graduation and my 40th birthday but I kept growing it back long. Mostly, once it reached mid ribcage, I kept it in a single braid down the middle of my back or over my left ear. The braid was as thick as my wrist. I can no longer make those braids. My arms give out before I get it halfway finished and I have to drop it.

But before I left home I'd put it back into the twisted tail penned to the top of my head as it would have been like wearing a wet horsehair blanket on a hot and humid day. Just having it down while having the pictures taken and I was popping sweat on scalp, face and neck--in the house with central air!!

Above: Just arrived at salon, Mom and I are waiting for our eyes to adjust from the bright sun while we wait our turn.

Above: here we go.

Above: Mom plays a game on my sister's iSomething--it's like mini iPad but it's not called that.

Above: This was the back after the stylist finished the first time. I really liked it but I could tell it wouldn't work before the temps dropped below 80. Maybe by Halloween.

So off we go again.

And the results make me smile. Though that pesky strand of hair kept falling down in front of my left eye. I took care of it after I got home by wetting my hair down again and putting a bit of hair gel on my fingers and combing them through my hair until it was all laying how I liked.

I swear when I first saw this photo that looked like a dead cat. No, no. The one up there.

Above and below: After I got home and 'fixed' it. By then I had a bad case of hat head too since I'd put that visor back on and spent two hours in the Dollar Store.

Only the two pics of the left and right sides turned out. The one of the back was spoiled by my having hunched my shoulders until my neck disappeared and the curls in back were smashed.

In back it is a bit shorter than in front coming just below the nape a tad and that tad is curled up off my neck nicely.

I think I'm going to be happy with it. Here's hoping I'm still happy six weeks from now as it grows out.

I feel like I just lost ten pounds.

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