Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Too Hot

It was in the high 90s here today and this evening clouds moved in raising the muggy factor. I'm not much into having my hands on the hot keyboard of my laptop right now. If I can keep the sweat out of my eyes, I'd like to return to the YA novel I started this afternoon. Seven Tears into the Sea by Terri Farley. It is set on the California coast south of San Francisco and all the descriptions of the sea and fog were helping me feel cooler. It's a fun read, a fantasy set in modern times in which a teen girl is wooed by a selkie. The book was loaned to me by my niece over a year ago. I chose it today as the next novel to read from a selection of short easy reads because I had just finished a novel I spent over a month reading and I wanted something I could maybe read in one day. It may take another as I've just passed the one-third mark.

I didn't get to really get going on it until after dinner this evening though as Ed had today off and we ran some errands. Among them was a short visit to the big Medford branch of our county library system. It was my first visit to the new building that opened over three years ago. I use the Phoenix branch and order my books through the online catalog and I usually have my card tapped out which makes it hard to make a spontaneous visit to the Medford or Ashland branches. Since I just got back from Longview and have used my card only once, the idea was to go to the Medford branch while I still had plenty of room on my card. Then I forgot my card and had to check out on Ed's. Sigh.

Ah well, I doubt I'll be tapping out my card any time soon anyway. I've not got the space in this room for the books anymore. What with the couple dozen loaned by my neice and the three dozen or so review copies and prizes I've won over the last couple years and making room for my printer and the bigger TV Ed's brother gave us last November and Ed needing space for the laptop he got for his B-day/Xmas last November and the two fans and the bushel of crafts stuff I've added...

Speaking of which. I got two more spools of crochet thread today--black and white. I've had several requests for a black bookmark and the white spool that was part of the seed collection that was given to me from Ed's Grandma's effects two years ago is running low. We went to two craft stores today and last week to Wal-Mart and I am frustrated at the paucity of choice in the crochet thread everywhere I've looked. I would like to collect the whole pallet of color and several sizes of thread. I would also like to get more thread on smaller more portable spools like the several I found in Grandma's sewing basket which are running out fast.

I guess I need to figure out a way to measure how much thread one bookmark needs and wind it off the big spools onto smaller ones or cards to make the projects pocket portable. And as for the selection--there's the interwebs I guess. But I'm a hands-on kind of shopper. Plus the prices online are pretty much take it or leave it and you can't use the local craft store's 20% off coupons and there's the shipping costs to factor in.

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