Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Forays In Fiction: Inventory

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The inventory I took earlier this week of my sewing and craft projects in process got me to thinking that it was time I did the same for my fiction WIP in preparation for printing hard copy of everything for the first time since 2001 and for choosing this year's NaNoWriMo project from among those of projected novel length not yet having that honor and still under 2000K of scene work.

By next week's FF I'll have selected a story to focus my finish-line intentions on for the next couple months. Not necessarily a novel tho possibly a chapter in a novel (most of my novels feature chapters that can stand alone as a short story).

By the end of August, if not sooner I will have settled on which novel to focus on for this year's NaNo so I can begin prepping it and doing any necessary research. The candidates are graced with an * below.

You can find links to outtakes of some of these titles here: Fruits of the Spirit Story World Portal

By Their Fruits ( A series aka The Fruits of the Spirit story world)
The Substance of Things Hoped For (Faye's Story. The four titles below are all short stories with Faye as POV and also chapters in this novel)
Of Cat's and Claws and Curiosities
Strange Attractors
Making Rag Doll Babies and Million Dollar Maybes
Cat Apostrophe

Home is Where the Horror Is (aka Crystal's Story)
*The Lever of Love (Julia's Story)
*To Sip the Light Prismatic (Brook and Kay's stories)
Seduced by Death (Book I of SLP)
Enthralled by Life (Book II of SLP)
___Majoring in Marine Biology (a chapter in SLP & a piece of a short story that was my first NaNo novel)

The Woman Who Swallowed a Baby
Brooding Instinct (second NaNo novel)
*Tale of a Wail
Spring Fever (forth NaNo novel)
Storyteller's Spouse (third NaNo novel)
*Braided Rainbows
*Making Determinations
Mobile Hopes (fifth NaNo novel)
Hitches and Glitches and Snags in Her Stitches
*Must Everything that Rises be Submerged?

The Lore's Prevailing (a fantasy trilogy)
*Wailing Womb
Sailing Moon
Availing Tune

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Candy Minx 7/12/2009 7:03 AM  

Between buckling down to your crafts projects and sorting your writing you are on a real high of organizing. I'm really inspired and happy to hear you are almost sounding completely settled back to life after your time away from home. Well done Joy!

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