Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Key of ZZZZ

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It was another scorcher today, reaching 102F. But I didn't suffer nearly as much because I got to commandeer the living room where the cooler is all day. I was asleep before midnight last night and then got up to see Ed and his folks off on a road trip. They're off to see dirt track races in Washington state in the Pudget Sound area. Elma? Almah? Did not think to ask how it was spelled.

Anyway its a two day event Friday and Saturday nights with Thursday and Sunday for travel. I'm staying here to pet sit with our cat Merlin and Sweetie, my FIL's dog. I had intended on going back to bed after they pulled out this morning but it was so blessedly cool in the front of the house I couldn't bear the thought of our sauna of a room. I brought a pillow out to the couch but I was too wide awake. So I sat and read until nearly 8 when I then chose to fix a pot of coffee. I enjoyed my first hot coffee since returning from Longview a month ago. I figured I would go ahead and take advantage of the cool morning and then sleep through the heat of the day. But I didn't get sleepy.

Instead I moved my laptop, some sewing projects and some books and DVD out to the living room. Then I spent three hours watching Keeping Up Appearances episodes and finally after reaching disc 4 of the 9 disc set I checked out of the library two weeks ago, I ran into one I'd never seen before. And not just one but all three. It was LOL fun. So relaxing.

Also relaxing was knowing that I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything and any particular time all day. It has been months since I've had a day like that. Essentially I've got 2.5 more of those left. The only musts on the agenda is to clean the litter box and do 3 or 4 loads of laundry. But spread over four days that is nearly nothing.

Of course I will also have to move my stuff back into our room by early Sunday afternoon. And there is the fixing of my own meals. Which is set up to be more play than work. I've got enough fixings to do nachos every day if I choose. I could live on nachos or burritos. Not the fast food kind though. I do them with a base of refried beans and little to no meat with the bulk in the veggies: a green lettuce, green onions, tomato, avocado, jalapeno, and plain yogurt instead of sour cream, and salsa of course.

I'm not fixing them tonight though. I'm too hot and too tired for an appetite and I won't waste the fixings. I'm going to go ahead and lay down early hoping that I will wake for the cool morning hours again. I will be sleeping on the couch under the fans instead of in our room. I'm going to be sooooo spoiled by Sunday.

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