Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lolling at the Library

It was a scorcher today. The last time I looked at the outside thermometer it was a nudge under 100 on the porch. That was as we were returning from the library just after 4PM. I say we but I was the only one who went to the library. Ed found a note from me when he got home just before 4 asking for a ride if he happened to get home early enough. I'd let him know I'd got a ride from his sister just before 2 and would start walking towards home when the library closed at 4. He pulled into the parking lot just after the librarian had locked the doors to prevent anyone coming in, I was standing just inside the door watching and hoping and not about to step out of the air conditioning one second before I was chased out. There was still a small line at the checkout counter so I probably had three to five minutes.

You're probably wondering what the video at the top of this post has to do with all of this. Well it's this: one of the unexpected treasures I found on the shelf today was a boxed set of 9 DVD containing the entire series of the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances plus extras and special features. I happen to love that show and never tire of the reruns when I catch them. And I've never been sure I've seen all the episodes. Now I can be sure. If I can find the time to watch approximately 25 hours of ROTFLOL in the next two weeks. Late night is out of consideration as even if I watched on my laptop with the earbuds in I would have Ed dreaming he was out at sea in a storm for all the bed jiggling my suppressed laughter would generate.

I'm going to have to find the right time though, as I am sorely in need of sustained hearty laughter.

Another of the treasures I picked up was the DVD of Woody Allen's Annie Hall. I've never seen it and don't have a clue what it's about but recently something else I was watching mentioned it in a context in which knowing the story and especially a certain scene in that story made the point the speaker was trying to make. Since I haven't been watching a whole lot lately other than news and Gilmore Girls it was likely one or the other. It bugs me now that I can't remember because now I'm going to watch the movie and possibly not realize it when I see the scene in question. Ah, well. Next time it's relevant to a point someone is making...

Now, you're probably wondering where the 'lolling' in the title comes in. And that's tied in with the third treasure I found at the library: air condistioning. It made it possible to sit and read in sustained concentration for nearly two hours. I was done with my shelf browsing shortly after two and I spent the rest of my time there reading.

Ah, reading. I've not been able to return to that book for more than a few snatches since we got home. The heat was the primary factor. It steals my IQ. So I spent a couple of hours embroidering on a bookmark while listening to news. I think it's cooling down enough to give the book another try.

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