Saturday, July 25, 2009

Old Joy

I want to see this movie. And not just because my name is in the title or because it is set in Oregon with scenery familiar from childhood or because it's based on a short story by an Oregon writer or even because it won acclaim as an indie film with a soundtrack provided by the awesome Yo La Tengo. Tho all those reasons are good enough to draw my attention to it and they combine to hold it longer they wouldn't be enough to make me yearn to see it. The strongest draw is the sense that the story is strong and of the sort I am drawn to--character driven with a quest for significant insight in to life at the center of the plot rather than the more typical quest to outrun or out maneuver forces set against you whether cars, cops, crooks or cupidity.

This quote from the movie apparently explains the title:

Sorrow is nothing but worn out joy

This one is definitely on my wishlist.

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