Monday, July 13, 2009

Feelin Lazy

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I severely shorted my sleep all weekend and am paying for it today. My niece and I watched Gilmore Girls episodes til the wee hours both Saturday and Sunday night. Had to get up to go to the family picnic Sunday on less than five hours and today I had stayed up until after seven this morning to finish the tank top embroidery and get it ready for shipping to my sister before Ed left for work. Then my niece called me at 9:15 because I'd made her promise before she went to sleep at 3am to do so before she left. At that time we both thought that would be well after noon but her plans got changed and her older brother came to pick her up at 9:30 to go look at a car that might be right for her (she's old enough for her permit this year) I heard this evening that she got it--a 1970s VW Beetle.

I did lay back down but got up with my alarm at noon. Had a frustrating hour trying to get the TV to give up the blue screen with the word 'Video 1' on it and give me back the satellite menu. Fussed with three different remotes for an HOUR!!! before I figured it out. Or rather accidentally pushed the right combo of buttons or something. Who knows. My niece had been controlling the controllers because I was sewing and because she knew the TV remote well it having been her Dad's TV seven months ago.

Today was another dirt track race day so I had the house to myself from 3pm to after 10. But I could barely enjoy it. I did a lot of zoning in front of the TV. Not even watching it just half listening as I stared at the ceiling. I wanted to sleep but wouldn't let myself because it seemed like a waste of the opportunity to do the things I get to do on race day's--laundry, cranking the music, watching a movie on the big screen TV in the livingroom, washing my hair, hanging out on the porch or in the yard with no worries, cleaning our room, playing with Sweetie (Ed's folk's dog)--soooo many better things to do on race day than sleeping!

I did finally snap out of it. I put the bedding in the washer. Then, finding myself yearning for the embroider needle that had been in my hnad so much for the past week, I got out the embrodered bookmark I began back in 2005 when I was sitting with Ed's grandma and worked on it while listening to TV and sometimes glancing up at it and later while listening to news podcasts on my computer.

Then, I got all my needle and craft projects off their various perches or cubbies and set about addressing little issues that had come up since the last time I had them all spread out--issues related to making a project more independent and more compact. I fiddled and fussed with this project and that project and did much musing on several which are not needle ready because some necesary thing still needs to be bought (embroidery needles, needle threader, seam rippers), taught (blind stitch, a new crochet stitch) or caught (a plan, a pattern, an idea, a design).

I was still all spread out on the bed when the others got home and had to scramble to get the load in the dryer out and processed as there is nowhere to keep a pile of clean laundry in here and get my sewing mess cleared away. This is a work night for Ed and he is usually snoring long before 10PM and it was after 11 tonight.

I think I'm going to prepare to sleep myself. Maybe I'll lay down with the novel I started over a week ago and was almost finished with before my neice arrived--about 30 pages out. But I suspect I won't be able to finish it before my eye lids insist on gluing themselves to my eyeballs.

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