Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Serenity #135

This was taken from our picnic tables at Touville Park on the Rogue River today. That is not actually the other side of the river showing but the edge of the island splitting the river in two--into an oxbow is it? Anyway it was a pleasant site not to mention full of pleasant sights. Breezy, sun-dappled.

My nieces parents were there and I expected her to go home with them but she returned to her grandparent's house with us and she and I holed up in my room and watched several more Gilmore girls episodes before Ed needed the bed and then we moved into the front room and watched more. We quit at 3AM (Monday) She to sleep and me to finish the sewing project I've been focused on for the last several days.

A birthday present for my sister whose birthday was Saturday. Ed said he would get it shipped overnight for me if I had it ready by 7:30 Monday morning.

I guess it is ready. I'm not as thrilled with the result as I was with the concept. I could not for the life of me keep my stitches going straight or of similar size. For most of the time I was taking out more stitches than I left in until I finally gave in to the reality that I wouldn't have it ready for her next birthday if I kept holding such a high standard for every stitch.

I consoled myself with the thought that most people would not be looking as close as I was--through magnifying lenses from two inches away. Or at least let's hope not considering where the design will be setting once she is wearing the tank top.

I used the embroidery stitch known as the back stitch to create at diamond shape traced by rows of color in the approximate positions of the colors in a rainbow.

Oh, well. I guess the important point to focus on is that I actually started a project for a specific gift occasion and finished it within a week of the occasion. Even more amazing, I finished a project inside a week of starting it. More amazing still, I gathered the materials for, started and finished a project inside of a month of first conceiving of it. All of these are significant WINS. Big time pluses worth kudos and back pats and victory Vs.

I also dressed two of the naked crochet bookmarks today and then gave them to my sister-in-law (my nieces mother) in recognition of her having just graduated with honors from college. I took both the tank top project and the portable bookmark wardrobe with me to the park but I forgot to take something to use as a backdrop for the pictures of the finished bookmarks. I improvised with a paper plate which wasn't ideal. But better than no pictures at all.

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Jamie 7/13/2009 11:00 AM  

Bravo, sis. Great job...

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