Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Tired Eyes

and other things...

Pictured are my perscription bi-focals and the magnifying visor and clip-ons that I use while doing close work. The clip-ons I alse use while using the computer as neither section of mybi-focals work for that particular distance--the screen is too far away for the bottom and too close for the top.

This wasn't the post I planned. I was going to post pictures of the crocheted bookmarks I've made this past week--four more since the one I mailed to my MIL the last week of April. I'm about to start my sixth. They take a couple hours now and I think I can soon get that down to one--especially for the shorter ones.

Sometime tomorrow I may be switching off crochet for some part of each day though to work on an embrodery project that has to be done before I leave here. I'm to embroder a sweat-pea vive on the front of one of Mom's favorite sweaters that my sister accidentally spoiled a couple years ago by bleaching the color out of several small spots while trying to get a stain out. My sister has drawn the vine and flowers on tissue paper and pinned it to the sweater, placing a leaf or bloom over each of the bleached out spots. I'm to embroder over the tissue paper.

I wish she could have got it prepared for me in time for me to get the stitching done in time for Mother's Day but things have just recently calmed down enough for her to add extra little projects to her already stuffed daily schedule. And I still had to make a date with her several days in advance to go over the pictures and designs of sweat pea vines that I'd downloaded over six weeks ago.

I made dinner by myself tonight so she could keep working on drawing the pattern and pinning it in place.

After dinner she went grocery shopping and I went out on my mini-tramp which is on the front porch and just the other side of the wall Mom's recliner is by so I could hear if she called or used her cane to tap the wall. My nephew was also down the hall in the office on the computer. Mom spent that hour watching TV and reading her large print Reader's Digest.

I spent over an hour on the tramp. I tried to crochet while doing the gentle warm-up movements but couldn't synchronize the two so was either making mistakes or pausing the steps. It's just as well since I then switched to reading the novel I set aside Saturday night. The warm-up and cool-down at the beginning and end and between short aeirobic sessions is when I get to do most of my fiction reading.

Earlier today Mom went for a walk down the block with her cane escorted by my nephew. I tokk pictures. Was thinking of posting them tonight instead of the ones of the bookmarks since at least they've already been taken but they are still on my camera and would need editing for posting and I'm just too tired.

Plus I've got to be up and alert earlier than usual tomorrow. It's Wednesday, the day my sister and nephew go to Vancouver, he to spend time with his best friend, the son of my sister's best friend from high school and she to spend a little time with her friend but also to do a major Costgo grocery shop. This is a weekly thing and I'm on duty with Mom for the durration. Which is usually noonish to tenish.

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