Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ever Had One of Those Days?

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It all started with misplacing my needle threader which I found hours later in my left pants pocket. But not before unpacking and repacking two sewing bags, shaking out blankets, sweeping swaths of carpet with a small flashlight beam and checking and re-checking and checking again the collar of the shirt where I pin it when I'm working and checking and re-checking and checking thrice more my RIGHT pants pocket.


I had finally raided another project for the threader assigned to it and put a few hours of work into the bookcover pictured in Thursday's post. During that time it began to seem that I used the needle threader more than I used the needle. I had to remove the needled to pull out stitches or the needle came off the end of the thread or the thread knotted.

Part of the problem was the headache that I woke up with. It wasn't a typical headache, starting just above my ears behind my temples on both sides. It wasn't until after I tried several tried and true remedies without relief that I discovered the problem while rubbing the sore spot and finding my headband in the way. The headband that I'd been wearing to keep my hair out of my eyes while I sewed yesterday and then slept in. The headband was pulling my hair. As soon as I touched it and felt that distinctive sensation of hair being pulled snug, I knew and also could ot understand why it took me so long to figure it out because that is the exact kind of headache that plagued me in elementary school and Jr High years whenever I wore headbands, ponytails or braids.

It wasn't all bad though. I finished putting in those rows of decorative silver stitches on the book cover that I targeted as the next project to finish. I still can't call it finished though as it is not yet a finished and useable product. I discussed with my Mom the best method for attatching the lining. It has to be by hand so as not to damage the needlepoint stitching. She reccommends the blind stitch. But she'll have to teach it to me--again.

I didn't work on the sweat pea sweater project again today. The headache was compromising my vision too much. Sigh. At this rate it'll be closer to Labor Day than Memorial Day before I can go home seeing as how I've promised my sister I'll finish it before I leave.

Other news is real good. On the Mom front: Mom seems to have parked her walker for daytime and is using her cane. She is going to the kitchen to make herself snacks. She asked to go down the outside stairs to the bakc yard to look it over and while there started pointing out to my sister all the things needing doing--pluck off the heads of this and pull out the extra that and tie back such and such and...and...

My sister said, 'Mom, I don't have time to play outside.'

Her interest is such a good sign we would like to encourage it but are still trying to figure out how. She would need a portable seat to sit on as she worked in her beloved flowerbeds as she can't kneel yet nor should she be doing a lot of bending over from the hip.

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