Saturday, May 02, 2009

May Flowers

Closeup of a flower in my Mom's yard.

Technically it's an April flower since I took this last week and it's probably one of the flowers that went into the vase my nephew put together to greet his Grandma when she arrived home from the hospital Monday. Along with probably most of those in the following two pics.

I believe this is called a Japanese Ornamental Maple. This was the view from the sidewalk last week. This week my sister has been out in the yard and weeded some and trimmed this tree.

Below is my view of the same tree from my mini-tramp on the porch. I love it's brick-red leaves. But I'm finding myself missing my view of those tangled limbs. They served as a kind of Gordian Knot for my eyes to trace and my mind to pretend to be occupied in solving their intricate puzzle.

But I'm getting used to this view after spending several hours total on the tramp since Monday. I'm actually hankering to go back out there now even though I've had a forty minute session already today but we're having a thunder storm. An April shower with a bad sense of timing.

Which means I'd probably be wise to power down my laptop. Ugh.

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