Monday, May 04, 2009


This about jumped off the shelf to get my attention at Powell's yesterday. A stand for holding a book while I take notes by hand or keyboard or, in the case of 13oo page novels like Hungar's Brides which I was reading for the read-a-thon two weeks ago, for hands-free reading has been on my wish-list for years and I had in mind to keep my eyes open for one while at Powell's. I did consciously look the first hour I was there but later on was not thinking about it. I was on the way to checkout after over four hours of browsing when I bumped into a carosel holding book-lights which reminded me and I stopped to see whether there were other reading and desk related items in the area. And sure enough...

It's called The Bookeasel and when folded flat as in the top picture it's a tad smaller than my laptop.

You can choose one of several angles for the book to rest...

from nearly flat...

to nearly vertical.

I dithered for about fifteen minutes over the purchase because the price was about double what I had thought to spend on one but I tallied up the cost of all the lost time from fussing with jerryrigged things and all the postponed projects for lack of one and all the frustration when trying to read a book too heavy for me to hold steady at the right height and angle. I thought of Hunger's Brides which I had to send back to the library a couple weeks ago unfinished.

It all seemed to add up to a bargain even at nearly $20. Even though I had to put back one of the books I'd been heading to the check stand with in order to make room in my budget.

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