Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Forays In Fiction: Finishing

I haven't touched my fiction files since Script Frenzy ended last week. And while participating in Script Frenzy during April I wasn't adding anything to any of my WIP or starting new ones as all my writing time was focused on my attempt to adapt my two already written stories to screenplay format. This week all my creative energy and free time went into those crocheted bookmarks I've been blogging about for two weeks now. I have been reporting here how I've 'finished' x number and started number y. Then in last night's post I got specific and admmitted that I'd only finished the crochet step there was still the tucking of the end threads, the threading of the ribbon and what all finishing touches necesary to have a functional item instead of another interesting conficuration of thread to cart around in a sewing bag indefinitely. Like the three items pictured above which I've been carting around for upwards of ten year--thirteen for the bookcover on the bottom left; ten for the one to the right and nine for the dolphin cross-stitch.

Today I completed the crochet step on my thirteenth bookmark and made myself not start another and instead start to truely finish them. Of the thirteen, four are now truely finished. The first one was finished before I began the second one almost two weeks ago as it was a gift and the deadline was upon me. This evening I finished three more. And all the time I worked on them today, including the crocheting of number thirteen, I contemplated my issues with finishing and how my fiction files are as full of untucked threads as my sewing bags.

I didn't come to any conclusions or make any resolutions. I just contemplated and among other things noted how useless the feelins of shame and regret that usualy accompany such contemplations actually are. They serve no useful purpose if 'useful' is defined as what brings about an outcome that is benificial to self, others, or the projects themselves. Shame and regret are leaches sucking the blood out of my muse.

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