Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bring Out the Pom Poms!

This was taken Tuesday evening. Mom going for a walk with her cane escorted by her grandson. I believe this was the first time she left the yard with only the cane. She is mostly using her cane around the house daytime now. She must continue using the walker at night until she has her doctor and physical therapist's clearance to stop. And she still uses the walker when away from home.

But this walk on Tuesday was a HUGE milestone. They went past the property line the other side of the neighbor's and back--that's several yards beyond the nose of that red car on the curb. I got some pics of them passing the red car but they are too small to recognize. I was wishing I'd thought of the camera sooner because I didn't have time to put shoes on and so couldn't step off the porch in my white socks to follow them.

It's been five months and two weeks since her fall => broken hip => surgery => stroke.

So HUGE. I was thinking we needed the Dallas Cowboy cheerleader squad performing to Beethoven's Ode to Joy to mark the enormity of it.

BTW on an aside, I finished the crochet step of my tenth crocheted bookmark today. And yes, as I published last night's post I was still in the middle of my sixth. I still have to tuck the end strings and add the ribbons to nine of them. When Mom saw that I had five with untucked strings yesterday she chided me. She said "You'll get awfully bored if you leave too many of those to do all at once." She's probably got a point. And it is so typical of me with all my stitching projects--finishing is not my strong suit. I've got the same problem with my creative writing. How many stories have I left languishing with their threads still untucked?

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LuAnn 5/08/2009 9:14 AM  

Wonderful to see your mom venturing out a little!

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