Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Serenity #125

I got to spend five hours in my idea of heaven today. Powell's Books Portland OR

From their home site:
68,000 square feet packed with books.

Seriously. I want to LIVE there.

I spent five hours and I only got to about four sections of the ten or so I hoped to.

BTW the captions under the vids above are all links to something interesting on

I'm exhausted. Got no words. Took my camera but forgot to use it. Hence the three YouTube above. The top and bottom are tours of a sort, the top being professionally done. The middle is a scan of the map one needs to get unlost after wandering aimlessly among a forest of shelves.

I also got to spend an hour or so at my brother's visiting with his family. His son made me an omelet that I swear could have been served at a fancy restaurant--it rose like a quiche all fluffy inside. My niece had a box full of two week old kittens that I could hold two at a time and let climb on my shirt--seven total. Three dogs licked my hands--two of the Black Labs my nephew is socializing for a leader dog program--I forget which one.

I'm totally babbling. I'm so tired I don't think I'm going to be able to pick up the books I bought to browse in them some moree. There are three of them. Too tired to list them because I can't do it without getting them out to verify spelling. There would have been four but I put one back in order to get a book stand for propping books up for hands-free reading, note taking and typing excerpts and quotes. Something I've been needing for years. Maybe I'll take pictures of my haul for posting later....

2 tell me a story:

Pissenlit 5/04/2009 1:14 PM  

I'm not sure if I'm ecstatic and in awe of that bookstore or a little scared of it...

LuAnn 5/04/2009 2:44 PM  

I'd love the chance to visit Powell's. I hate to shop, but put me in a bookstore, second-hand store or office supply store and I'm perfectly happy! I did visit Barnes and Noble in Kennewick on Saturday. That was fun. Bought two books I've been wanting for ages.

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