Saturday, May 09, 2009


I finished for real! With all twelve crocheted bookmarks. I put the finishing touches on eleven today--the eleven that I crocheted since last Sunday. That makes thirteen finished in less than a month. The first one (pictured alone below) took me nearly two weeks because I was learning and also because my teacher aka Mom and I had trouble coordinating our 'feeling up to it' moments. I finished that first one and mailed it to my MIL April 27 before starting another.

The second one, pictured at the far left above, tooke me most of a week and I put the finishing touches on it last week-end.

The remaining eleven, pictured in the order in which I crocheted them, were all crocheted between Sunday and Friday afternoon.

After putting myself on the dunce seat the last couple days over my issues with finishing projects, I set myself the task of finishing those eleven bookmarks before starting another one.

If I'd been content to put simple lengths of ribbon down the center or each one, I might have finished all eleven in a couple of hours. But no, I got ideas from the ones Joely posted about and pictured and raided my Mom's sewing and crafts drawers for beads and piping and my own embroidery floss for braiding.

Tomorrow I'd like to take individual pictures of each one before I start giving them away. And then maybe sometime in the next week post them and describe what I did and with what. But right now I need to try to get some sleep. The sun has been up an hour on Mother's Day already.... See, I cheated a bit and started this post with nothing but a title just before midnight and then returned to working on the bookmarks determined to get that picture to head this post.

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Pissenlit 5/10/2009 10:39 PM  

Oooh, they're pretty! :)

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