Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Paradigm Lost

My sister recorded the season finale of Lost tonight and she and her son will be chomping at the bit to watch it. I'm behind by two episodes so if I want to watch it with them--assuming we can coordinate our so called schedules--I need to catch up. I've never been tied to the weekly air time for Lost since the fall of 2006 when we got broadband and wifi and I discovered video streaming and My preference has been to let several weeks go by and catch up by watching several back to back. This season I let too many weeks go by and lost my opportunity to watch the season premier and the two or three episodes following that before ABC took them down. I debated whether to wait until they put up the whole season as they have done for the first four but then I'd be out of the loop when my sister and nephew talk about it and they'd even shut up as I entered the room as they have done so I dove in at episode 4 or 5 about six weeks ago . I really don't want to be left out of the loop when my sister and nephew start talking about the finale so I'm off to watch episodes 15 and 16...

The storyline of this series ties my brain into a pretzel. I've been trying to keep the time lines of the various characters and groups straight in my head all this time and it sometimes resembles a multi-screen movie theater playing simultaneous films behind my eyelids. Much like this YouTube vid except that the vid only covers the minutes leading up to and immediately following the crash. The still picture showing on the vid only shows three but there are times there are at least seven playing at once. It's a pretty amazing splice job. Kudos to whoever made it.

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