Saturday, May 16, 2009

Friday Forays In Fiction: Epic Fail

epic fail
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I failed to remember it was Friday when I sat down to put up a post last night. Thus I failed to do my Friday Forays in Fiction post, a task I set myself in an attempt to hold myself accountable if only to myself for keeping my fiction writing forefront in my priorities.

The fact that I forgot it was Friday--a day indelibly associated with this task in my mind for months now--is a clue that I'd not been thinking about my fiction WIP for days. In fact probably not since last Friday for as I think back I remember Saturday as a frantic effort to prepare those twelve crocheted bookmarks for the photo I posted--a last chance to get them all in one photo as several were meant for Mother's Day gifts. Sunday was all about family with Mother's Day celebrations and family from out of town. Monday my sister and I got serious about preparing that sweater of Mom's she had damaged for me to embroider a sweat pea vine on it ...

Well you can scroll down over the past week's posts to see what each day's focus has been. Obviously it hasn't been on my fiction WIP. About the only thing I can say in my defense is that I did give some occasional thought to a charater or scene or what have you as I stitched away in silence--in the rare moments when there was silence that is, when there was no TV blaring or streaming videos or podcasts worming a phalanx of alien words through the earbuds into my thoughts.

It's that latter that is the issue--the streaming videos and podcasts that is for the TV goes off when the others go to bed and I seldom turn it back on. But ever since I started crocheting those bookmarks about a month ago I began to allow the podcasts and streaming vids encroach upon my late night work sessions, slowly turning those hours over to them as I justified it by using the time to crochet or sew.

So that is my confession this week. That I have failed to even put up a pretense of devotion to my fiction writing for an entire week.

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