Friday, May 15, 2009

My String Theory

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I'm busy playing with my string.

Which tonight includes washing and drying a six-strand length of embroidery floss that my nephew's cat Bradley swallowed while I was bending over my sewing bag fishing for my scissors to cut the half yard length I'd just measured off the skein.

I worked on the sweat pea sweater discussed in previous posts for several hours this evening. Took a picture of it too and hoped to post it tonight but I'm not in the mood to mess around with the image program to prep the pics.

I've been contemplating with amazement lately just how much can be done with a few strands of thread or a long string. As a practitioner of fine needlework for decades it did not sound one bit silly to me when I first read of modern physic's String Theory. It was almost an epiphany to think of God having (crocheted, knitted, needle pointed, cross stitched and/or embroidered) the world into being with threads of light.

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