Thursday, August 11, 2005

Who's Milking the Cows?

Here is a short little post for those of you who don't have time to read a long essay. It's just a flippant question which probably reflects how tired I am more than anything else:

Why have I not seen or heard anyone playing with the acronym for the Coalition Of the Willing? COW aka herd beast. What does that make the US leadership but wards of the cows aka COWARDS. And what are those whose task it is to solicit men, money or material from the COWs if not milkmaids? I never wished so that I had the talent for drawing. I can picture half a dozen cartoons playing off this meme. Yeah, I know, its juvenile. So sue me. Or have a little fun with the meme yourself. You know you want to.

Now if you want to know why herd beasts and their herders are on my mind, you'll have to read the long post below, Giving America Away to Terror.

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