Sunday, August 07, 2005

Am In No Mood

The link in the title to this post is to an earlier post, Pity Hearty, you could also find by scrolling down. It is for those of you who don't yet know the story about the duck that has it in for me. Or is that the duck I have it in for. What is it with this obsessive thought that kicking that #^%$ duck again would solve anything. Even make me feel better. Is this some primitive taproot into a primordial brainspot? Anyway, I keep envisioning that @#%! duck lofting over the backyard fence into the trailor park's dinky swimming pool. At least this time off the point of a pair of steel-toed boots. If I had any that is. It has been nearly three weeks!!! Since I kicked into this cast iron doorstop and severly buised the top of my left foot. It still hurts. Just enought to anoy. Throbs like a fresh bruise. Actually it was feeling quite a bit better Thursday. And then Friday afternoon I put my hiking boots on for the first time since it happened. Laced them up loosely but still the little bit of presure across the top of my foot was tre uncomfortable. I still went ahead and walked the half mile to the library and back in 100 degree heat, careful to keep my left foot flat the whole time. a typical 15 min walk took 35 minutes each way. And my foot has yet to forgive me.

It is so odd. The bruise has never turned dark purple. It has stayed pale but there is a mushy pouch under the skin once the size of a tennis ball now the size of a golf ball. I worry I am subject to bloodclots escaping into the bloodstream. But that is probably just your typical anxiety junkie's obsessive worryitus. I don't know. I just feel like such a wimp. A limping wimp. I feel I should be able to focus on the so many more important issues at stake right now. Instead my thoughts are syncopated to the beat of my heart in the throb in my foot.

Sorry if there are a lot of typos or mispellings. I don't feel like editing. Forget editing. I don't feel like re-reading this. I don't much feel like posting it but it's the only thing I got this morning.

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EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima 8/07/2005 9:19 AM  

Don't force it if you can't lick it.


Have a nice day.

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