Sunday, August 14, 2005

Remembering What Matters

Thank-yous are due to those of you sending your prayers and well wishes regarding my Dad. The latest news is that he is doing so well post-op that he may get to go home a day sooner than anticipated--today instead of tomorrow.

Spent Saturday sitting with my husband's elderly grandmother and watching a Little House on the Prairie marathon on the Halmark Channel. It was already in progress when I arrived at two-thirty and we watched until it finished at eleven. It was a major nostalgia kick for me. I Remember watching the shows with my family for years. It was a whole family event with pop-corn, chedder cheese sticks and apple slices, sometime smores. I've been trying to remember all day how old I was when the series started and could not pin it down. I was going to Google the show to discover it's start date but I forgot and now I've run out of time for this session. Anyway, I have also been reading George Lakoff's Moral Politics this weekend and the concepts in the book were dancing an intricate tango with the plots, themes and metaphors in the Little House stories today. I was thinking all day about bloging on this but I have run out of time and steam to do it justice right now.

Another one of the impacts this story marathon had on me was to remind me how much I crave stories and how I have been denying myself of them so much lately as I have gravitated with the obsessive grasp of anxiety to the anxiety inducing and perpetuating reading of all politics all the time. Which reminded me too that it was not the original intent for this blog to focus exclusively on politics as I know that I do not have the passion or the expertise to compete with those who are doing it very well indeed, and the blogosphere does not need another dabbler in that genre.

So watch over the next days for the balance to shift back towards what the subtitle above claims for Joystory. A little more of the purely personal like this one here. And a lot more about reading, writing, thinking and being as they relate to my continuing spiritual quest which has bogged in a quagmire with my focus on war and political corruption. But note, I say the balance will shift towards the orginal intent. I'm not going to stop ruminating and ranting on politics as I continue to believe that the personal is political and the political is personal. And I will never stop obsessing on the necessity of freedom for body, mind and spirit and sending up alerts for any potential curtailing of them.

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eday71kjharolds 8/14/2005 10:28 AM  
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Joy Renee 8/15/2005 12:24 AM  

eday71kjharolds your 1000+ wd 'comment' properly belongs as a paid advertisment in a financial journal. Your span is not welcome on Joystory. If you'd left a valid way to contact you, I'd darnwell charge you for my eye time. Not to mention the admin time it took to figure out how to delete your tripe from my blog!

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