Thursday, August 04, 2005

Unsung Hero

I am with Amygdala that there is far, far, far from enough interest in stories like this one. The shame for letting stories of courge like this one sink into the abyss of memory lies squarely on the shoulders of the media. Both the MSM and the Blogosphere. I expected no better of the MSM. But shame on all you bloggers with the audience share and other resources for not flogging this and other similar stories the same way you have proved you know how with the Bush service records story, the Valerie Plame outing story, the Social Security hi-jacking story, the Tom Delay hi-jinks stories and the Duke Cunningham kickback story, ad infinitum... Thus I know you can do it and I know that several of you have sources at least as good as the typical MSM journalist. There is no excuse for letting the prisoner abuse scandals keep on fizzling out when it is in your power to keep the heat on.

One way to keep the heat on and possibly to encourage more heroes like Sgt. 1st Class Micael Pratt to step forward as witnesses would be to cover every such story in such a way that it becomes clear to every potential witness of such abuses of power that we here at home will hold their witness up as a standard of heroism and will protect them from retaliation. How will our representatives & senators know how much we care, if we don't?

Since I didn't have an audience yet when I first posted these related musings, I am going to leave a list of their permalinks here:

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Comments are still open on each of these as well as here. Get a dialog going.
Where is everyone's outrage?
Where is everyone's sense of self-preservation?
This is the issue that should be at the top of everyone's list of priorities.
For this is more dangerous for Americans as individuals and America as a nation than terrorism itself. I know that I am more frightened of this becoming the norm than I am of another 9/11 type attack on our soil.

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