Friday, August 26, 2005

Sidebar Woes

Have been working on several items for posting the last couple days but have yet to get any of them polished. Little things like permalinks whet missing among my chaotic notes, fact checking is hitting snags. So all I have to offer today is several new additions to my sidebar in the links lists and in the area below that where site promotion related buttons and banners are. There are also several Web Rings in the footer. Note that I just recieved a favorable review by Blogadvance. :)

But I am having problems getting the code for these items pasted in properly or something. The gifs are showing up any which way. I don't like the crowding or the alignment. i would prefer each item stacked one above the other and not side by side. And something weird happened to the TTLB Javasript as it is dividing itself, leaving part of the text way up at the top of the sidebar next to the top post. Can anyone suggest a solution to these irritants?

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Cooper 8/27/2005 5:47 PM  

I'm in NY for another day and flipping through ten new blogs, which I try to do daily. If you're still having problems on Monday I might be able to help.
I hope to read more when I get back. I though of blog critics myself but I don't find their repitition of the news all that enticing but I hear they have merged with Bring it On and I have great respect for Bring it On so maybe they will be better.
Good Luck

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