Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Joining Blogcritics

I spent the bulk of my available time this session preparing my post to Blogcritics. Even though it was essentially an edited and slightly expanded version of my recent post, Cindy Sheehan Reframes It For Us, it was time-consuming as I had to learn new protocols, new rules, set up my profile, search Amazon.com for the product code (one is required to find at least one product on Amazon.com which relates to the content of your post) and search out the permalinks to the three posts on Joystory which related also. It should get easier and speedier with practice. Plus, I will probably tend, in the future, to simply cross-post a current Joystory post. But this time I knew that most of my focus would be on learning my way around a new site's technology and that was no time to be also trying to compose new material. Thus this morning's post is basically just an announcement that I have joined Blogcritics in hopes of soliciting more traffic to Joystory, more exposure of my writing and discussion on the themes dear to me. I like the concept of Blogcritics. I hope it works.

Meanwhile, I apologize for not posting the last two days. Sleep depravation caught up with me. But that is just part of the story. I was reading the old-fashioned way in books that you hold in your hand. I was reading Hamlet, the play by Shakespeare and Hamlet: Poem Unlimited by Harold Bloom, Light in August by William Faulkner, The Exception To the Rulers by Amy Goodman. And still another part of the story is that all this past week, I've been distracted throughout my sessions by frequent Instant Messaging with my sister who is on a road trip to Tennessee From Vancouver, Washington. I was traveling vicariously though her descriptions and the numerous photos she sent as she passed landmarks like the Grand Canyon and the London Bridge.

Update: This may be a case of getting what you asked for and then finding it isn't to your taste after all. My post at Blogcritics generated feedback allright. Eleven comments ranging from vitrolic to vibrantly thoughtful. I need to compose myself before I can compose responses. I prefer thoughtful, well defined arguments based on facts. How does one respond thoughtfuly to 'moonbat'? What is a 'moonbat' anyway?

The respondents comments tend to support the thesis of my post which is that we all view events through the bias of our conceptual models of the world.

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