Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Relatively Speaking

Am back. Relatively speaking. Have had 7 hours total of sleep since last Friday afternoon! Family retreat went well. Not one disagreeable encounter. Including with the weather. No preaching only relative reaching out to relative--heart to heart. Much sharing of tears and fears. Much laughter echoed in the rafters. Lots to blog about but will have to wait. flogging the keys again is such a relief but i can't stay awake. Can't see straight. Cannot tell whether reality meets my eyes' double-takes. Am about to flounder. May soon halucinate if i refuse to sucumb to the greed for sleeping. Of dreams this night there should be no lack.

yes i'm aware of all the rhyming. and that it is tacky. but the effort to stiffle is no triffle. sleep depravation often results in such oddities of word flow. don't know if the phenomenon is unique to me

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Jamie 8/03/2005 9:59 PM  

I appreciate that you stayed on to make sure I made it home. You are a great big sister. Plus, I am glad that you are finding out what kind of woman you really are inside.

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