Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Feeling Is Apparently Mutual (The DLC Devalues My Values)

I could rip the logic in this critique of the Democrats' supposed neurotic ambivalence regarding "projection of force" and thus their incoherent expression of patriotism which then leaves them open to charges of Anti-Americanism.....

I could. But I am still fuming too incoherently. And my eyes are crossing with fatigue. And
Publius and Digby have already done a great job of it. So I will just make my point: That if this is the current stance of the Democratic Party they are essentially slamming the door in my face. And if this is what Hillary stands behind, then she has lost me. For if we are expected to minimize the Abu Ghraib and Gitmo scandals as minor deviations; if we are expected to dismiss evidence that our government formulated policy to encourage the atrocities committed in our name; and we are supposed to ignore the lies that led to the war and the corruption that now permeates it; if we are supposed to continue spending a billion dollars, sacrificing the blood of a dozen Americans and uncounted Iraqi's each week--all this just so we won't look like sissies and so Democrats won't be subject to 'Swift Boat' smearing in elections--if this is the understanding of 'patriotism' that the DLC is promoting, they are trashing every value I hold dear. And here I was thinking there was room in America for the values of Jesus, Gandhi, MLK, Sojourner Truth....

If Jesus was a sissy than so am I
If Gandhi was a sissy than so am I
If Peace Pilgrim was a sissy than so am I
If Martin Luther King Jr. was a sissy than so am I
If The Dalai Lama is a sissy than so am I

Sissies Rock!

And just to make my point even more explicit and in honor of the anniversary of America's darkest moment (possibly the moment she lost her way) I offer these links in hopes that some of you will read and contemplate the ultimate truth behind those euphemistic phrases:
'projecting force' and 'getting the job done.'

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