Friday, August 05, 2005

Labels are for Little Minds (Why I Am Not a Democrat)

I hate labels. And due to past experience, I have an aversion to joining. That is why, when I registered to vote, even though I knew with certainty that I would not touch a GOP candidate with mile long chop sticks, I still could not bring myself to declare for the donkey's. Since then they have proven my reticence wise over and over and over. When Zell Mullethead stood up and shilled for Bush at the GOP convention, I knew I had been right to claim Independent. Since then the Dim Dems have completely lost me with their ultra-flexible backbone contortions on issue after issue. Maybe W could have gotten most of his wishlist passed without any Democrat votes. Even so, they didn't have to sign on and as much as give their blessings to it. Tort reform. Patriot Act renewal. Gonzalez confirmation. Bankruptcy reform. Medicare Prescription. etc etc. All of these were bad enough. But the one issue that disturbs me the most, is one that hasn't been voted on. In fact little has been said that hasn't been processed and canned by PR, by any of them. And that is the Prisoner Abuse scanals at Abu Ghraib & Gitmo, the Extraordinary Renditions and the Dissapearing of Detainees. I do not understand why no one is standing up, screaming foul, and generally just making so much noise that even the MSM would have to take its head out of their sponsor's pockets and take note (if any still know thier history) that when ever a people has acquiesced to the mistreatment of any minority, it isn't long before most of them are subject to the same. What could the motive for silence on this be? Could some of the Democrats be secretly condoning these tactics? Could they possibly want them confirmed as acceptable so that they will be available when next they hold the reins? For be not fooled all who still care--this kind of abuse of power is not unique to the Right.

This is why, I am not a Democrat. Labels are for little minds anyway. But I will never put my whole heart behind a candidate that does not make clear and unequivocal their stance against abuse of power and in favor of liberty of mind (and body except with due process). And they better be careful how they define due process!

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