Monday, August 29, 2005

Brought To You By the Culture of Life

I usually don't opt to open pages with lots of photos or graphics when I get fair warning they exist, I've got better things to do than watch little meter bars change color from left to right all night long. I dream of the day when I have my dream machine and broadband with WIFI and thus 24/7 access to all my files and the www and plenty of time to watch downloaded video from independent media, write novels, stories, essays, poems, multiblog and manage the three plus websites said blogs would interweave, operate an eBay store and grow a community of readers, writers, thinkers and progressive apologists ... maybe someday. Yes, and maybe someday they'll put me in the rubber room along with other non-reality based dreamers--like those who dream of an America loving, free market, democratic government with equality and mutual tolerance for ethnic and religious factions in Iraq bought with blood and bombs and a billion bucks per week. (oh, I forgot. freedom ain't free) I'm sure it would be our mutual hell to share a space. We can spend our time bouncing our heads together when we aren't bouncing them against the wall. It would be about as productive as the neo-con Global War on Terror and the DLC's arrogant assumption of the loyalty of its base no matter how many of their interests they vote against. (oh, I forgot, political offices ain't free either)

Meanwhile, I was led to this article by a couple of photos presented on a blog stumbled onto recently via my Blogexplosion surfing for credit. The picture presented there of the bloody body of an Iraqi infant held aloft by Iraqi hands, lured me to the Solon site where I earned my free pass by watching a thirty second ad and loaded this page with a dozen graphic pictures of the reality of this war. Anybody who gives allegiance to the Culture of Life creedos and then supports this and this and this must have a mind made of rubber and easily formed into this.

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Pat Kirby 8/31/2005 7:59 AM  

Hmm. Rather interesting that it [culture of life] is defined as conception to "natural" death.

Naturaly, meaning what, exactly? Death by a bomb in the name of WMD, freedom, democracy, or whatever the administration is claiming this week.

Nice blog.

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