Friday, January 17, 2014

Workstation WOW

I Think She's Got It

I'm sure there is going to be a lot of tweaking of small stuff over the next weeks but the large pieces are in place and working well.

I like being back on the tray table for my computer desk as it is moveable and adjustable in height which makes it possible to make changes easily according to what project I'm working on and thus which things need to be in arms reach.  I can even spin it around to face the mini-tramp which is smack against the right hand stack of boxes so I can watch video while working out.

The six boxes creating shelf space for my reference books and notebooks are all my stuff.  At least four of them contain things I'm going to need access too off and on so I intend to switch them out with boxes I won't need until I move back to Oregon as I find homes for the things I need accessible.

Desk Work-Space aka Clutter Magnate

Five minutes or less after this picture was taken the little blue basket of crochet and sewing misc with my Blue Mews kitty aka pin cushion sitting atop it which is sitting on the Ott lamp's base, fell off and spilled across the printer below and the floor below that.  I gathered it all up into a tray-box that now sits on that desk.  I'm wondering how long it will sit there like that.  I don't have time to finesse the small stuff right now.  I must get the stuff off Mom's bed and the floor beside it and the couch and Mom's recliner in the living room before I can fiddle with minutia.

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