Tuesday, January 14, 2014


My new Tattoo Ott Light
I assembled it myself!!

It took me nearly a month to prepare a spot for my Secret Santa Christmas present.  And when I finally did, I was on my own for getting it assembled.  My husband 300 miles away, my sister 40 miles away and my nephew asleep which amounts to being a million miles away.

So I set out to figure it out for myself.  I had to read the tiny print of the instructions with a magnifying glass which meant a whole lot of putting down other things so I could pick up the paper and magnifier and then putting the down so I could pick up the items referred to.

I even had to repair a washer that was bent before it would work. It was a very small ring with a split in it.  I used a leather hole punch I found in the tool box to squeeze it back flat.  After that I was able to get the bolt on the long screw attaching the arm of the lamp to the base screwed down flush so it wouldn't cause the lamp to wobble nor scratch the furniture.

Even with that snag, in less than an hour I had it working.

Now I can't wait until this room project is done so I 'm free to sit under it and read, write or crochet.

Well, as you can see, I didn't wait.  I got out the crochet just to see what a difference it was going to make.  That just whet my appetite for more.  But I mustn't get too distracted yet...

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