Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Serenity #370

Needle Book w Scissors Fob by Isiscat777 on deviantART
This is an ongoing series from my Bucket List
of things I desperately want to do before
I loose the rest of my vision
My Bucket List
#12 Add Petit Point to My Fiber Art Repertoire

Turkish Delight Smalls 6-21-11
by Isiscat777 on deviantART

Ever since my fiber art passion switched from embroidery to needlepoint in the early 90s I've dreamed of working a petit point (18 to 40 stitches per inch) but I've yet to get around to it.  And now my eyes have already degenerated enough to make that proposition iffy.

I wouldn't dare start a large project, but I could consider small ones: bookmarks, button covers, fobs, cell phone case cover, barrettes, pendents and broaches, scarf pins, pin cushions and needle cases, cuffs and collars, Christmas ornaments and other holiday decor, small book and notebook covers, pencil case, wallet, box tops, watchbands, headbands and hair ribbons, napkin rings, cozies...

I think this is something I should target for 2014.

I added counted cross stitch in 2000. The physical motions of working the two feel so similar and with their use of the same materials and tools and pattern charts I never emotionally differentiated them so for this challenge I'll consider either to fulfill the dream.

Meanwhile I'm scoping out ideas and drooling over designs on Pinterist, Deviant Art, and Heaven and Earth Designs.

Maybe I'll start with a Christmas ornament to aid in fulfilling #11.

My Bucket List

#7 Visit Hawaii
#8 Visit Russia 
#9 Learn Russian
#10 Learn Braille

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