Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Serenity #371

Elegant Lady's Desk
 I'm putting the Bucket List on hiatus this week.  I'm too busy with the big room project that is turning out to be way more involved than I originally intended.

Because I'm going to have a whole week here at Mom's without the normal duties while Mom is at my brother's while my sister is recovering from oral surgery, I decided this would be a good time to do a thorough deep clean and reorganizing of the room I'm using as office, closet and dressing room.

A year ago it was a junk room.  Five or so years before that my sister had cleared enough floor space amid the junk to set up a cardtable for her artwork.  A year or so before that this room had been my Mom's office for half a decade or more and still contained all her papers and books and office supplies etc.  All of which had been gathering dust since her broken hip and stroke in late 2008.

Two pieces of furniture in the room I thought merited some special attention.  Mom's desk pictured above and the small table pictured below.  The desk once belonged to my Great Aunt, sister to Mom's father, and became Mom's desk when I was a teenager.  I remember using Mom's typewriter at this desk and then my own Underwood portable..  It was set up in the living room of the house we lived in until the fall before I turned 18.

It was my job to dust this desk until the move to this house when it was in Mom and Dad's bedroom.  The same room I'm now sharing with Mom.
Handcrafted Wooden Table
This table, I just learned last week, was handmade my by Mom's paternal Grandfather.  Those leaves on either side fold down when the props are swiveled back into their slots.  I'm not sure when this became Mom's.  It may have been after I left home as I don't remember seeing it before that.

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