Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mystery Boxes

My order that arrived Monday

More space hungry stuff in this small, crowded room.

No mystery to me what's in them but I'm keeping mum for now.  Mostly because I don't have the time for a long story tonight.  I will leave one hint: it's to do with the room project that has monopolized most of my time and most of my posts since Christmas.

Meanwhile they're blocking me from my HABA (Health and Beauty Aides) which is very inconvenient for preparing to go anywhere--whether out or to bed or to shower.)  They also crowd my path to the mini-tramp.  But that is better than being on the tramp which is where my nephew put the two smaller ones the day he brought them in for me.

So they can't stay like that for long.  But I have had too many time sensitive commitments this week to deal with them and most likely I need to wait until Mom is at my brother's again this weekend to find the space to open them and prepare them and place them and put them to use.  There will be some assembly required and then some minor rearranging of things in here and there is no room in here now to do either.

That makes two hints.  Here's a third: although they will take up more space than those boxes once assembled I'm sure they will free up more space than they use.

Watch this space.

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