Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Stuck With It

Entering the Maze
 When I hadn't got everything moved back into the office from the bedroom by the time my sister went after my Mom Sunday evening, I had to stop with the careful and meticulous and go with the grab it and shove it method.  This is what I ended up with and I'm stuck with it until Mom leaves for my brother's next Friday.

This time she is going to be there for ten days or so, returning at the end of the following weekend as my sister is having oral surgery on Monday and will be spending a few days being pampered at her best friend's house before she comes home.  So I'll have plenty of time to get it right next week.

Got Arm Extensions?
 The closet is blocked.
Got Thread?
Where's Ariadne When You Need Her?
Even tho the room is no more than five steps across with nothing in it but yourself, I've managed to make it feel like its possible to disappear and never be sighted again.

Stuffed, Stacked and Piled
 Can't reach my accessories and unmentionables.

Hip Deep in Hip and Trip Hazards
 I can't move without bumping my hip, elbow, toes or head on something.  The chair has very little room to swivel or roll.

Still Too Crowded
 I imagined my latest rearrangement would allow for the stowing of all the things I need at hand and still leave some clear space for spreading out a project.  It did not.

Again a Clutter Trap
I'd also pictured the desk as having a clear spot between the book shelves and nothing blocking me from scooting up to it to use it.  But in less than 24 hours it morphed into this.

Out of Sorts
 Just minutes before Mom got home Sunday night as I rushed back and forth between the two rooms, I knocked over the box that held miscellaneous papers that I'd rough sorted last summer.  I never got around to doing the fine sort and establishing long term homes for the items.

Now I've got to resort them.

Empty Paper Sorter

A tray-box holding two dozen empty VCR case served as my sorter and held the papers safely for months.  Tho I admit it was a hassle finding safe places to keep it and it was an eyesore that blocked my view out the window.

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