Thursday, January 16, 2014

Assembling the Puzzle

Family Photos
Finally starting to bring stuff back into this room and assigning new homes.  I'm trying to keep like with like this time.  In the knee cubby of Mom's desk I have placed 3/4 of the family photos.  These are the ones I've already scanned but I left them in a shameful mess and it should be my responsibility to get them put back in order.

There is another largish box in the back corner on the far side of the filing cabinet which still needs scanning.  They are the photos from my paternal grandfather's sister's collection spanning her life and the history of the Myers family.

Frigiles--knickknacks and dinnerware 
On the closet floor are all of the breakables.  Most have not been stored safely.  It is like they were taken off the shelves in haste and in expectation of returning them to there places.  I'm wondering if that was when the kitchen and dining room floor had to be replaced after the fridge's ice dispenser flooded those two rooms and the hutch and other shelves in there had to be unloaded to be moved out.

I plan to unpack each of these and get pictures for nostalgic value and then repack with long term storage and possible moving in mind.

Moms's Papers Piled on Couch
Still to find new home's are the boxes of Mom's papers.  I think I've counted ten of various sizes plus three bags and what's left on the shelves in the cupboard over the cubby desk:

More of Mom's Papers

I know where there home is to be but there is room for at most eight bushel sized boxes and so I've got to consolidate.

Although, I've also got my desk (Mom's desk) and computer workstation in a workable setup now I'm saving their pics for tomorrow's post.

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