Friday, January 10, 2014


 I have accumulated an overwhelming number of items (new and new-to-me) over the last several months and every one of them is calling to me to pay attention to them.  A few are pictured above and below are the library books I checked out on my birthday in November which have ten days left on them.

I'm hoping that my week here without Mom and Carri and the duties and interruptions of a normal household day will allow me to find the time for some or all of them.

The full* list:

  1. The ARC of Hospice Voices in the foreground of 2nd picture.
  2. The digital ARC Organic Beauty with Essential Oils
  3. The digital ARC Where the Wildflowers Grow
  4. Three audio library books (2nd pic)
  5. 4 NF library books (2nd pic)
  6. 6 library novels (2nd pic)
  7. The Tattoo Ott Lamp Christmas gift from sister-in-law. Awaits assembly which awaits creating a spot for it. Fingers crossed for this weekend.  Can't wait to do fiber art under this lamp!!!! (1st pic)
  8. The 7 Day Back Pain Cure book bought online (1st pic)
  9. The Story Cubes. Christmas gift from sister (1st pic)
  10. Smart Draw bought in October (1st pic)
  11. Rosetta Stone Russian bought during Cyber Monday week (1st pic)
  12. :PDF of Blood Pressure Solutions bought online 1st Wk Dec
  13. Cricut Cuttlebug dye cut and embosser bought during Cyber Monday week
  14. The Marshal Plan Software acquired as review copies in October
  15. PDF of The Marshal Plan book and 6 more writer support books by Evan Marshal packaged with the software
  16. The Speech to Text programs on my computer and smartphone dabbled with in late November
  17. Several other new programs on my Aspire or Blaze that came with or which I downloaded. I can think of 4 on the Blaze and 6 on the Aspire without looking at the ap lists
  18. Dozens of Brain Wave Entrainment digital Mp3 Christmas gift from Ed, bought and acquired free online.
  19. The Abundance Code system (digital vid, audio and ebook) bought November 1st
  20. The AWAI Copywriter's bought for me by Ed in August
  21. The first three issues of my year's subscription ot O Magazine

*Many of the free digital items are missing, including PDF, vid, and BWE music, and speech, lecture, and seminar recordings.  Themes include physical and emotional health, stress, self-improvement, spiritual, marketing, entrepreneurship, and money management.

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